Amanda is immensely supportive, a careful listener, full of thoughtful suggestions, humor and wisdom. She welcomes any and all feelings that arise for me, accepting laugher or tears. She celebrates every accomplishment, no matter how small. My main challenge was letting go, and I went through phases of resisting new ideas more than I would have liked. Amanda worked at my pace, and slowly I learned how to listen to my body and trust myself.
– Aria
Now, looking back, I realized truly how far I had come. I no longer manage my weight by hopping on the scale, and yes, somehow, I had dropped those few extra pounds. Most profoundly, though, I had stopped judging myself for what I was eating–right or wrong–silencing the voice that for years denigrated my body on a daily basis. It was truly transformative, and in a sense the actual eating seemed to be the least of it. I knew on a deep level that what Amanda had given me was tools to quiet my mind so I could simply listen to my body.
– Karen


Amanda is like having an angel in your back pocket; her energy stays with you as you journey through your days. The phone conversations are so powerful – Amanda creates a safe place where you can explore different areas of life. For me, she changed my perspective on food, created a health plan that was achievable & now it’s a part of my lifestyle. Thank you for everything!
– Cristinadiamond“Before working with Amanda, I felt like I lacked a solid foundation of knowledge about food.  I struggled to find the healthy foods that worked best for me.  My eating habits were inconsistent and I was extremely frustrated at not feeling as healthy and strong as I wanted. I needed a way to explore different foods to figure out what made me feel best, and also realized I needed a way to “get back to basics” with my eating habits.

Since working with Amanda, I now feel like I have some awesome tools in my toolbox to make healthy choices.  I am most proud of finding my exercise groove! Amanda is an awesome coach in the true sense of the word – she worked with me to help me find my own motivation to make some big changes to my exercise routine and I am so grateful for it.  I have learned how different types of foods make me feel, and have learned to listen  to what my body tells me it needs.  My results have been a more positive mindset about my approach to food.

Amanda motivates and inspires change by truly tuning in to her clients needs. She is open, honest and always positive.  You should work with Amanda if you are ready to make some healthy changes in your life. Amanda’s approach is incredibly supportive, thoughtful and effective.  What makes working with Amanda unique is her true passion for a holistic approach to healthy living. Her “practice what your preach” approach allows her to provide real feedback on different types of foods, recipes and ideas to help change take place for her clients (and did for me!)”
– Amanda“Before working with Amanda I was constantly eating foods that were not good for me and would make me feel sick. I was not confident in the kitchen and only cooked once a week. As Amanda and I worked together I became more aware of what I was feeding my body and how it made me feel. I am now able to stock my kitchen with foods that I can throw together into different meals. Amanda was an amazing encouragement and really personalized my eating and workouts to best benefit my body/life. I could not have come as far as I did without her constant support.”
– Shannon

I found, a year later now, that I’m eating hardly any processed foods, hardly any flour products, and almost no sugar. Bread and I just don’t get a long, period. I like it, so when I do eat it now, it’s a very intentional choice, knowing that I won’t feel great after so I really pick and choose those battles. Some dairy, but also not much. Instead I’m now eating a lot of veggies, animal and fish proteins, fruits and some grains. I have incprporated more nuts and seeds into my diet too! A lot more fat than I was too (coconut oil, avocados, ghee to name a few). Oh, and Kombucha- love that stuff too! And let me tell you…I FEEL AWESOME!
– Amanda


Before working with Amanda, I struggled to create balance in my life. I felt stressed at work, lost in the kitchen, and I was unsure of which foods were right for my body.  I often felt run-down and I felt uninterested in activities I always enjoyed, like social gatherings and being outdoors.

After working with Amanda, I feel more confident in my body, more comfortable in my kitchen, and I have learned how to balance my stress and anxiety levels so I can enjoy life again!  Amanda showed me that healthy cooking can be easy, delicious and enjoyable.  With her tips, I am now able to prepare healthy meals ahead of time, which means I can eat healthfully even with a busy schedule!

The work that I have done with Amanda is not a temporary fix; she has guided me to make changes in my life that will forever encourage a healthy relationship with my food, my body, my loved ones, and most importantly, myself.

Amanda is extremely dedicated, trustworthy, passionate, knowledgeable and truly inspirational.  I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to create balance in any and all areas of their life and wants to learn more about healthy eating and living in a way that is simple and sustainable.”
-Sara“When I first started working full time, I was consistently tired and I found myself starting to gain a couple of pounds. When I signed up for Health Coaching with Amanda, I didn’t realize all of the benefits I would get from it! Her passion and dedication helped me turn my life around. She was able to teach me how to know what the best foods to eat for my body, and taught me simple tricks that I could incorporate into my busy lifestyle. Amanda made every session fun and entertaining, and she always kept me motivated along the way. I have never had this much energy, eaten this well and felt better about myself.  Amanda is an amazing mentor.”
-AndreaAmanda is a natural coach – she is kind, patient, (super) smart, and encouraging. Health Coaching with her was a huge learning experience – it set me on a path to a new, healthier, and happier life. I achieved goals that I never thought were attainable and have implemented valuable ideals into my everyday world. [Amanda] has chosen a path that she will no doubt be very successful in – her passion is evident through out her brand, and her blog is a welcomed bit of sunshine each day.  I always looked forward to our conversations and look forward to the next time we can work together again. Thank you for being a wonderful confidant, mentor, and most importantly, friend.”
-Lauren“Before attending her workshop “Cooking with Superfoods,” I thought I was a healthful eater.  I was so surprised to get the information packet and see that I did not know about any of the “superfoods” that were out there.  I now keep chia pudding in my fridge and I have brought the quinoa hemp tabouli to parties and no one can believe that they are eating hemp seeds and enjoying them!  My absolute favorite, life changing superfood has been my daily morning Super Green Smoothie.  I can’t imagine starting my day without it now.  I feel better and more energized going into my day. I’m not hungry and it makes me want to keep on the healthy path for the rest of the day when I start it off feeling so Green and Clean!!  Thanks for all of the great ideas and information.

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