1Do you know you should change your eating habits but are unsure where to start?  Have you been struggling with stubborn weight loss, fatigue, brain fog, digestive discomfort, dissatisfying sleep and/or frequent headaches and want to finally rid yourself of these symptoms?

Do you want support and guidance in improving your health and wellbeing, and doing it all in a way that fits with your lifestyle and personal preferences?

My coaching services are personalized to your needs, supporting you wherever you are along your journey and igniting changes that will radically shift your health and happiness.  Using a holistic approach, we will work together to explore ALL areas of your life that impact your health and then make gentle shifts that will encourage life-long change.

 During this program, you will…

  • set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • discover which foods are right for your body and lifestyle
  • increase your energy levels
  • understand your food cravings
  • work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • identify and resolve your biggest health concerns
  • receive personalized resources, handouts and exercises that will support your growth and transformation
  • receive unlimited email support so I can encourage you every step of the way
  • receive lifetime access to pharmaceutical grade supplements and products

Pricing is based on the program that suits your needs.

Interested in learning more?  Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation call to discuss!



Have you ever walked into your local health food store with the intention to buy “healthy foods” but was instantly overwhelmed by what you should choose or where to find it?

You are not alone!

Shopping for the right products and properly stocking your pantry is a HUGE part in creating a healthy diet and lifestyle.  I believe that by learning to feel clear and confident in your local grocery store, you can begin to make immediate changes in the foods that you eat, which makes immediate changes in how you feel on a daily basis.  I created this Health Food Store Tour so you could properly stock your kitchen, learn which products are best and which to avoid, and build a confidence and ease around food shopping that can otherwise take months to create.

This tour includes…

  • A one-on-one tour in the grocery store of your choice
  • Customized recommendations based on the foods and products that you purchase and eat most frequently
  • My Ideal Plate handout and recommendations for how to eat a balanced meal at breakfast, lunch and dinner (includes meal suggestions)
  • A full list of products I love and trust (includes pantry staples, beauty products, commonly used food items and supplements)
  • My Shopping List Guide and Menu Planning handouts
  • A 90 minute window to ask me whatever you wish about food choices and dietary recommendations while we shop

$300 / 90 minutes

$150 / 90 minutes (for current clients)

Interested in feeling more confident in your grocery store?  Let’s schedule a tour!



Are you interested in adding supplements to your diet but feel overwhelmed where you should begin?  Or maybe you have been taking the same supplements for years and are not even sure why you’re taking them?

After working with clients, continuing my studies and working alongside functional medicine doctor, Dr. Frank Lipman, I have seen the deep healing and support that supplements can offer when used properly.  My intention for these calls is to bring all I have learned over the years and create a clear and direct roadmap to healing that suits your personal health concerns.

These sessions include…

  • 2 calls over the course of 1 month; the first call to review your current health status and make initial supplement recommendations, and the second call to check in on your progress and fine tune your supplements regimen
  • Review of past blood work and physical symptoms to ensure we are covering all areas of your health
  • Informative handouts to help you better understand my recommendations
  • Lifetime access to pharmaceutical grade supplement brands that I use and trust

$250 for two 45-minute calls and unlimited email support between calls

Ready to find out which supplements would best support you?  Click here to set up your first call!


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