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Simple Egg Drop Soup

I have been experimenting with all kinds of new recipes for the Awaken Your Health cleanse (kicking off this Monday) and this one has been one of my favorites so far!

Egg drop soup is somewhat of a new discovery for me (I know, crazy, right!?) and I began making it after deciding that soup was my favorite breakfast this time of year! – If you follow me on Instagram, you may have enjoyed quite a few “soup for breakfast” photos.  Instead of getting my greens and veggies in via a smoothie during the chilly, winter mornings, I have been turning to soup!  I toss in all kinds of pretty veggies, good broth, collagen powder, and then get to enjoy a seriously nutrient dense meal first thing in the morning!  Warms by bones and makes my body happy!

After a few veggie soups, I wanted to experiment with a little more protein, and with good-quality eggs begin one of my favorite sources, I thought of a spicy egg drop soup that one of my friends always talks about.  I thought, of course!  I will just add an egg into my soup!  Healthy fat, good quality protein AND awesome veggies!

Egg drop soup was WAY easier then I could’ve imagined – you literally just scramble one or 2 eggs in a small dish, and then pour it in slowly to your pot once everything else is cooked!  It’s the last ingredient to go in, and takes about 20 seconds to cook…

Since then, I have probably been enjoying some version of egg-drop soup 3-4 mornings a week.  It usually looks different each time depending on what I have in the fridge, but for this post I will share one of my favorite combos… But remember that you can pretty much add/swap any veggie you would like!

Veggie Egg Drop Soup

egg drop soup photo

You will need:

2 eggs, scrambled in a small dish

3 cups vegetable broth / chicken broth / bone broth

1 clove of garlic, chopped

1 teaspoon of ginger, freshly grated or powder

1/4 cup mushrooms, sliced (shiitake, maitaki, oyster, beech or enoki)

1 big handful of spinach, chopped

1 scallion, sliced

A dash of cayenne – for added heat

1 tablespoon coconut aminos (or tamari)

1-2 tablespoons collagen powder (optional – for added nourishment and healing!)

(Other options: chopped broccoli, 1/4 cup frozen peas, handful of baby kale, parsley, chopped cauliflower, etc)beech mushrooms 2


Heat broth, garlic, ginger and cayenne (if you’re using it) over medium flame in a saucepan.

Once hot, mix in scallions and mushrooms, allowing them to cook for a minute, and then stir in the spinach.

Once veggies are cooked, use a fork to whisk in egg, pouring it in slowly.  You will see the soup begin to turn a whitish color as the egg cooks.

After a minute or 2 of letting eggs cook, stir in coconut aminos.  Then transfer soup to a bowl, mix in collagen powder, top with additional raw scallions or parsley (if you like) and enjoy! This breakfast is sure to warm you up and fuel your body for an awesome day!

And of course, you can enjoy this soup at any time during the day – I have just been LOVING it in the mornings.  Stay warm out there!


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