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The Week Before A New Year

Post holidays.  Pre New Years.  In my opinion, this week is different then the rest, a time of year that can bring about different emotions for different reasons. Some of you might be recovering from the holiday stress and chaos, others might be enjoying time off from work.  But if you’re like me, you might feel unsure of where exactly to BE this week – what to do, how to spend time, how to feel, and maybe even confused if you should still be celebrating the holidays, preparing for the new year, or treating this week just like any other week!?inspirational stairs

Being in this transitional and uncertain time, I have done some reflecting and realized that this can be the perfect time to prepare for an amazing new year ahead.  As we set goals and intentions, why not take this week before the new year begins to feel more confident in what we want to create and HOW we will be most likely to create it!  For me, this feels like the perfect week to slow down, get clear, and maybe even take some steps that will allow your New Years goals to feel more accessible and achievable.

Let’s be real.  New Years resolutions can have a bad rep.  Yes, dreaming up big goals and life-altering actions is exciting and liberating!  However, when the time comes to implement these changes whether big or small, these dreamy ideas can quickly turn into overwhelm and discouragement, especially when trying to incorporate them all at the same time!

So how can we better ensure that we will stick to our resolutions this year? 

Outside of begin patient, flexible and compassionate with ourselves (remember, new habits take work, and they will never look perfect!), I suggest taking some time BEFORE the new year to consider how you can most efficiently and effectively make the time and space necessary for all that you want to create come 2016.  By taking a few small steps this week, we can actually make a big difference in our likelihood to stick to new practices and goals.

Let me share an example:

For me in 2016, I want to write more.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Ok, so Amanda, so when the clock strikes midnight, just make the time to sit down and write more (duh!).  I wish it were that easy for me… The thing is, for me to sit down and write, I need a clear space, one in which everything has its place (my desk can get a little crazy sometimes).  So in preparation for writing more in the new year, I took an hour yesterday to go through all my papers, notebooks, and desk draws, tossing all that I no longer needed and organizing all that I did.  For me, this clear, organized space will encourage me to sit down and write more come 2016 without the simple distractions that could otherwise keep me from sitting at my desk feeling calm and clear.

Another example… more meditation!  This might be on your list too!?  Sitting in stillness is a practice that I am always looking to incorporate more into my daily life, one that I often feel fluctuates drastically – some weeks its great and others its non-existent.  Knowing that I really wanted to make this practice more regular, I considered what was keeping me from doing it daily.  After drafting up a quick list, I decided to dedicate a small space in my office ONLY to meditation.  It is a simple space (clutter is a real distraction for me), contains only 2 books of daily mantras (so I can choose one or the other), and a yoga block to sit on.  I feel having this space dedicated only to meditation will encourage me to spend time there, even if only for a few minutes some days.

Maybe you want to eat healthier come the new year but are unsure of what to eat!  Instead of waiting until January 1st and stressing out at the grocery store, take some time in the next few days and make a list of some new healthy recipes or foods you want to try.

Looking to create a more positive mindset?  Start your gratitude journal now!  By the time 2016 rolls around, you will already have a few days of positive thinking under your belt.

A few questions to consider if you’re dreaming up a magical new year and want to commit to making change…

What are 3 goals / practices you want to implement / make happen in 2016?

What is currently getting in the way of doing / creating these things?

What steps can you take BEFORE the new year to make it more likely that you will make these things happen once 2016 rolls around?  

No matter how big or small, remember to be gentle with yourself – creating new practices is tough stuff, and it will never EVER look perfect.  Do your best.  And in the words of Brian Johnson, “Just. Jump. In.” Doing something (anything) is better than doing nothing.

Sending you so much love and motivation as you bring 2015 to a close and celebrate all 2016 has in store for you!


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