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Luscious Coconut Chia Smoothie

That’s right… I used the word luscious.  It’s really that good.

Velvety.  Filling.  Satisfying.  These are just a few other words that come to mind when I am sipping on this coconut filled cocktail of love.

In all honesty, it feels a little weird to be posting a cold smoothie recipe while we are entering the chilly winter months here in NY, but this drink was just TOO GOOD to not share with you!  Plus, with all the healthy fat and protein, I feel that if you’re going to drink smoothies through the winter, this should be it.

The backstory goes: I went to visit my sister in this sweet little cafe last week, and decided to try out one of the smoothies on the board behind the counter.  Typically when in a situation such as this, I take about 20 minutes to consider all of the ingredients available and then carefully construct my own smoothie, but not this time.  I looked up, I saw “coconut milk, coconut water, coconut shavings and vanilla,” and I was done (and really excited)!!  To top that off, being the goddess that she is, my sister recommending throwing chia seeds in there, and the rest was history!

As you’ll see below, I added a few more ingredients just to really round this smoothie out, but even just those 4 simple ingredients were so enjoyable!  To me, at least.  My 14 year old nephew was not as impressed… But I have faith he’ll eventually come around.

This smoothie is loaded with all the winter essentials – healthy fat and protein to keep your body warm, your belly nourished and your brain happy!  Healthy fats are extremely nourishing to the skin, which takes a beating this time of year!  Between the chilly, windy days and the constant changing of temperatures in and out of our homes, it is common to experience dry, cracked and irritated skin, which no one enjoys.  Increasing your healthy fats can help!  And you can even add some greens if you want to get crazy; I threw some spinach in this past week and it was delightful!

Coconut Chia Smoothie

[ File # csp3022326, License # 1428084 ] Licensed through in accordance with the End User License Agreement ( (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / sailorr

1 cup coconut milk (I like this canned variety)

1 tablespoon coconut oil

1/2 cup raw coconut water

1 tablespoon chia seeds

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 tablespoon unsweetened coconut shavings

A few drops vanilla stevia

1 scoop vanilla protein powder (or chocolate to make a chocolaty treat!)


Blend and enjoy!!

Along with supporting the skin, this thing is straight brain fuel!!  I always feel so much smarter after drinking one of these because I think about how happy my brain is being fed all of that healthy fat!  And if you feeling a little scared of all the fat in this bad boy?  Not to worry – check out my post on why fats are basically the best thing ever!

As always, I would love to know what you think.  And please share any modifications that you enjoyed! 

And something else to think about…

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