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3 Simple Holiday Detox Tips

Food seems to be on everyones mind this time of year, which I love!  But just because we want to enjoy good food and tasty treats doesn’t mean that we have to sabotage our bodies!

These 3 detox tips are my go-to’s anytime of the year, but I feel they can be particularly supportive when the holiday temptations surround us.  In my experience, when we make the effort to incorporate even just one supportive practice, we can experience huge shifts in how we feel each day.  This isn’t about deprivation, it’s about supporting your body, health and happiness!

1. Get your greens in!Thanksgiving-breakfast-ss
Thanksgiving is filled with TONS of amazing foods, and can include many delicious veggie dishes!  Make sure to load your plate with leafy greens, roasted green beans and other beautiful vegetables along with all of the other regular players in a Thanksgiving feast – I’m looking at you, stuffing!
Greens support the natural detoxification of the body and provide many nutrients and fiber that help to keep us regular and feeling light.
Additionally, make an effort to get some greens in the days leading up to your Thanksgiving feast AND the day of!  When you eat more balanced meals in the days/hours before, you will remain energized, and avoid feelings of starvation and deprivation, which usually lead to stuffing our faces with anything we can get our hands on (I know, because I’ve been there).
Try this simple and delicious green smoothie that I created for the Be Well blog.

2. Stay hydrated.
Start each morning with a big cup of hot lemon water.  This not only hydrates the body first thing (which is essential to regular bowel movements, mental clarity and sustained energy), but the fresh lemon juice supports the livers ability to detox, and helps to get things moving.  There are also added immune boosting and alkalizing benefits that lemon offer the body, making this simple drink a medicinal one!
You can even take this practice a step further and use this time to set an intention for the day, reflect on what you are grateful for, or simply just to have some alone time.  Quiet your mind, calm your body and take some time to focus on all the beauty in your life.  This will surely enhance the start of your day AND allow you to continue to find that peace throughout the day.
Additionally, continue hydrating your body through the day.  Dehydration can lead to cravings, fatigue, constipation and overall low energy.  It is estimated that you should be consuming about half of your body weight in ounces every day!

3. Chew and breathe.
Chewing and breathing might not seem like a traditional “detox tip,” but these 2 mindful eating practices can totally transform your relationship with food.  By beginning each meal with 3 long, deep breaths, you calm your nervous system and get present with the food that you are about to consume.  Calming down your nervous system helps to strengthen your digestion, and bringing your awareness to your plate gives you the opportunity to consider if you really want to eat the amount/kind of food that is in front of you.  For me, the practice of breathing before (and even while) eating has really helped me identify with (and reduce) mindless eating and snacking, something we usually see a lot of during this holiday.
Additionally, taking the time to chew your food can create big differences.  Not only will properly chewing your food decrease bloat and digestive discomfort by making it easier on our digestive system (your stomach will thank you!), but chewing ALSO allows you to more fully experience each bite.  When we slow down, we can better recognize when we are starting to get full, avoiding the intensity of “feeling stuffed” and the guilt of “I shouldn’t have eaten that last plate of food.”  Chew your food until its liquid, which is usually about 20-30 times per bite.
Remember, these are PRACTICES, so they aren’t going to be perfect all of the time.  Just do your best.  If you forget to take your 3 deep breaths before a meal?  That’s ok!  Just stop eating and take a few moments to complete them as soon as you remember.

And don’t forget to appreciate the little things.
I wanted to give you a gentle reminder to appreciate small, new things this holiday season.  Maybe there is a family member that you haven’t really connected with in a few years.  Or maybe you will be spending this holiday at a new place, one which you can walk around outside and take in all the new views.  Or maybe you want to focus on the laughter of the children in the other room; the hugs; the smiles… Yes, the holidays can be stressful, but at the core, their purpose is to bring people together, to share love, and to experience connection.  Appreciate that in whatever form feels best to you.

From these tips, what did you most connect with?  Is there one tip that you are excited to try this week?  Let me know!

And of course, wishing you a warm and loving holiday.


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