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Why I Stopped Using Soap On My Face

For quite some time, I struggled with choosing a face wash. Being a product junkie in my teenage years, and then wanting to avoid all of those same products after learning about toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients, I resorted to plain old soap for quite some time. It was easy, it was a clean product, and it worked – or so I thought.

Then I found Wellness Mama, who suggested washing my face with oil. This wasn’t the first time I had heard about this method, so I figured hey, I’m into trying new things, let’s give it a shot.

Washing your face with oil? I know – it probably seems crazy to you.

Let me explain.

Think back to science class… “Like dissolves like.” Therefore, oil dissolves oil. So when you use clean oils on your face, they will break down and remove the oils (and other impurities that are stored in these oils – aka makeup and environmental residues) that can build up on your face during the day.
Pair these cleansing oils with a hot wash cloth!? The steam from the hot washcloth opens up your pores, allowing the oil to more effectively remove all of the gunk! Aka cleaner pores, less breakouts, fresher looking skin… Yay!

So why is soap so bad? Soaps and cleansers are typically harsh on your face, plain and simple. Yes, even the ones that are considered “clean”! These cleansers strip the face of its natural oils that help to keep your skin moisturized, elastic and glowing! You may have already experienced this first hand when your face feels kinda tight and dry after washing it, before you’ve had a chance to use a moisturizer. I know because mine always felt that way… Not any more!

Back to oil cleansing…
Have I mentioned that it’s all natural… like the real all natural?  So natural that you can technically eat everything in this recipe if you wanted to!?  Yes!  That equates to a legit top quality product, in my opinion…

So why have I fallen so in love with the oil cleansing process?  Well, I have been using the oil cleansing method for some time now, and I might never go back.  My skin feels fresh and clean post oil cleansing, but also feels moisturized and preserved.  After my positive experience,  I have recommended this method to many friends and clients. Their consensus?  They think it’s super great too!  I have heard about dry patches clearing up, black heads diminishing, skin feeling more smooth and elastic, and noticing a sense of glow returning back to the skin!  And as an added benefit, people have found tremendous enjoyment in using a hot washcloth on your face each evening.  It can be very relaxing and a great pre-bedtime routine… especially if you throw a little lavender in there!

Interested in trying it out? Here is everything you need to know:

bottles of cooking oil

Which oils do I use?
The most commonly used oils are castor oil and olive oil, although you can experiment with other moisturizing oils as well. Castor oil is typically a must as it acts as a drawing agent and naturally pulls out impurities. Your skin type will determine how much castor oil to use (those with dry skin using less and those with oily/combination skin using a little more).

How much of each?
Mixing castor oil with others IS A MUST, and if this is your first time trying the oil cleansing method, you might need to experiment a little with ratios (this can also change throughout the year based on the seasons/weather).

Some options for moisturizing oils include:

Olive oil

Avocado oil

Jojoba oil

Almond oil

(Can you tell I love Mountain Rose Herbs products?)

The general ratio is 1/3 castor oil to 2/3 moisturizing oils. To start, use small amount of each to find the best ratio for you (for example, 1 teaspoon of castor oil and 2 teaspoons olive oil).

Once you have your ratio figured out and are ready to make a bigger batch, I suggest storing it in a container with a lid – this way you can add the oil measurements that are right for you and shake them up well to mix evenly. Then store container in shower or in your bathroom cabinet – wherever you plan on washing your face.

How to do oil cleansing:
Step 1: Mix your oils

Step 2: Use about a quarter size of your oil combination and massage into your face. Don’t wet your face first! Massage oil into skin for about 1 minute. Think of this as a nice little facial massage – and don’t forget to take some deep breaths while you’re at it!
*The oil will also remove make up, so there is no need to wash off make-up first.
As an option, you can leave oil on your face for up to 10 minutes to get a deeper clean.

Step 3: Grab a clean washcloth and run it under steamy hot water until it is soaked. Wring it out quickly and place over face, allowing the steam from the washcloth to open up your facial pores. Try and leave the washcloth on your face for a minute (repeating and using the other side if you prefer) and then gently wiping away additional oil.
*There will still be some oil on your face – this is good!

Step 4: Typically no additional moisturizer is needed after oil cleansing. If your skin is feeling a bit dry, try lessening the amount of castor oil in your mixture.
*Additionally, you can still use an eye cream if that is part of your routine. I am still experimenting with these, so please let me know if there is one you think I should know about!

It might take your skin a few days (or a week) to get used to this method of cleaning, so try your best to stick it through and avoid harsh soaps/cleansers that you might normally use.

And remember, diet also plays a HUGE part in the health of your skin! The cleaner the food you eat, the more your skin will glow – especially when paired with oil cleansing 🙂

So… are you going to try it!? Please let me know how it works for you!!

2 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Using Soap On My Face

    • Great question! I sometimes like to put a drop or 2 of lavender on the washcloth as it adds an extra dose of relaxation for me before bedtime. Although I think using essential oils on the damp washcloth is ok, I wouldn’t recommend putting them into the oil mixture.

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