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My 5 Favorite Breakfast Foods

Chances are, you have probably heard that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day,” but does that mean you are eating a healthy and nutrient-filled breakfast each morning?  If not, you should try it out!  Getting nourishing foods in first thing in the morning will help to kick-start your metabolism and balance your blood sugar, and you might be amazed at how balanced your energy feels when you start reaching for the right foods within the first few hours of waking.

The goal of a “healthy breakfast” is to fuel your body with foods that will keep you blood sugar balanced (preventing a drop in energy and cravings later in the day) and to fill you up so you feel sustained until lunch.  Here are my favorites that I feel do all of those things:



Possibly my favorite breakfast option… Filled with protein and healthy fat, eggs are SUPER versatile and can be a really quick and simple meal to make.  At the beginning of each week, I tend to make a batch of hard boiled eggs to keep in the fridge for a quick “grab-and-go” breakfast or snack.  I also love scrambling them with a bunch of veggies (mushrooms and kale is my fav) or cooking them over easy and enjoying with some greens.eggs

Choosing good quality eggs is incredibly important!! Just as meat or dairy, factory-farmed eggs are loaded with hormones, pesticides and antibiotics, all things that can wreck havoc on the body over time AND come from abused (and sad) chickens.  Although your farmers market is probably best, you can find organic AND pasture raised eggs to ensure that no harmful substances are being used and that the egg-laying chickens are getting outside (which equals happy chickens)!


Smoothiesgreen smoothie

I love smoothies for a few reasons… 1. There are SO MANY flavors, offering something for everyone.  2. Blending pretty much chews the food up for you, which makes them ideal for digestion and nutrient absorption.  3. You can sneak in ALL SORTS of fun ingredients – an easy way to get a large dose of nutrient dense veggies / greens / powders / superfoods first thing in the morning.

In my opinion, an ideal smoothie has a few things…

Greens/veggies: Kale. Spinach. Watercress. Dandelion greens.  Any other leafy greens.  Cucumber.  Celery. Ginger.  Pretty much any veggie you want!

Protein: Protein powder (whey or vegan).  Hemp seeds.  Almond butter. Nuts and seeds.

Healthy fat:  Avocado.  Coconut oil.  Hemp seeds.  Unsweetened nut milk (I love the homemade kind).  Flax seeds.  Chia seeds.  Hemp oil.  Almond butter. Nuts and seeds.

Not too much sugar (as in the natural kind – never, ever any processed sugar). Frozen berries are lowest in sugar.  Stevia can also be a great way to sweeten a smoothie without spiking your blood sugar.  Green apples are also low in sugar.  Lemons.  Limes.

Fun superfood options:  Cacao powder.  Maca powder.  Spirulina.  Healthforce Vitamineral Powder. Greens powder. Bee pollen.



Such a quick and easy meal!  All you need to do is heat up whatever you made the night before (assuming its made from healthy, wholesome foods)!  This is a great way to get a filling meal in when you are short on time, ideally focusing on healthy fats and good quality protein to keep your blood sugar balanced.


Chia Seed Puddingchocolate chia seed pudding

Another versatile treat that is totally ok to enjoy for breakfast!!  You can make chocolate chia seed pudding, vanilla coconut, or even zest it up with a little fresh lemon or lime!  I love to make a large batch of basic chia seed pudding by mixing canned coconut milk with chia seeds and a little maple syrup in a big jar.  Then, when I want to enjoy a bowl, I’ll throw in some fun ingredients, always changing it up so I don’t get bored of the same thing.  Some option are shredded, unsweetened coconut flakes, walnuts, sliced banana (or other fruit), cinnamon, almond butter, frozen berries, etc.  Think of anything you would want to enjoy on a pudding-type dessert and try it out!



Simple, delicious and filling.  Enjoy avocado alongside some eggs.  Mash it up over some gluten-free toast.  Slice it on top of leafy greens.  Or scoop it right out of the skin with a little sea salt!


What are your favorite breakfast foods!?  I am always looking for new ideas 🙂


with love,


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