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Create New Years Resolutions That Stick

New Years is a time for contemplating all you want to create in the coming year, and while the intention to make positive change is good, resolutions can often be tough to stick to.  Having celebrated many New Years and created many resolutions,, we have found that how you create your resolutions are just as important as making the effort to stick with them.

New Years intentions should exited and motivate you.  Here are our 4 ways to create powerful, achievable and sustainable New Year intentions:

new years journaling

1. Get clear

What do you want to focus on in 2015? Maybe it’s a new job, a new relationship, or taking up a new hobby… getting really clear on the different area(s) you want to focus on will allow you to direct your energy more effectively.  When the goal is too broad or general, it can often feel overwhelming – making it difficult to know where to start!  A simple, clear goal lessens that overwhelm and can help create a clearer path in working towards it.

2. Be specific

When it comes to goal setting (aka New Year intentions), the more specific you are with what you want to create, the more likely you will be able to bring those goals into fruition. For example, instead of planning on “taking up a new hobby”, get specific about what hobby/hobbies you want to try. Then, pick a day, pick a time, pick a class… the more detailed your plan, the more likely you will stick to it.

3. Focus on what excites you

Often New Year intentions are created by focusing on things you “should” do instead of things you want to do. This would leave anyone feeling uninspired and unmotivated, making it really difficult to create positive change. Instead of focusing on the “shoulds”, consider intentions that get you excited and inspired! Make some time for yourself to block out distraction and connect with intentions that resonate with you and spark your spirit.

4. Be gentle with yourself

You are human, and you will make mistakes (there, we said it). Know that mistakes are all part of the process and don’t give up when things don’t work out how you imagined them to be. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t accomplish, refocus on what you want to work towards, and remind yourself that every small step counts. Small steps lead to big results!

I would love to hear what your New Year intentions are and how you plan on making them happen!

And if you want to be part of something awesomely healthy and fun, please join me for a New Years Cleanse that will change the way you eat and feel!!

Wishing you a beautiful and blissful New Year!

with love,


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