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Hot Ginger Tea

Every morning, before I reach for my breakfast smoothie or my oatmeal, I grab a piece of ginger root out of my fridge and brew up a hot cup of fresh ginger tea.  Over time, this tea has become part of my morning ritual, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s why:

When we sleep at night, our bodies go into a “cleanse and repair” mode.  So, once our dinner is digested, our body works to repair any damage done to our bodies, or detox any unwanted build up, both really important processes in order to keep a clean and healthy body.  This cleansing, detoxing and repairing continues until the morning when we enjoy our breakfast and digestion begins again.

So, after a night of cleansing and repairing, what is the first thing you want in your newly detoxed body?  A green juice?  A cup of coffee?  A glass of water?  A bagel with cream cheese?  Oatmeal?  Hot water with lemon?  A smoothie?  Ginger tea?

Personally, I want something that is going to enhance this cleansing process and support all of the work that my body has been done while I was sleeping.  Hello ginger!

Ginger is a digestive herb.  It is used to relieve digestive upset by aiding in the elimination of waste as well as soothing the intestinal tract.  In other words, it helps the body detox.  I love the idea of continuing (and possibly enhancing) the detoxification process as often as I can.  After all, toxic build-up in the digestive tract can cause all sorts of disruptions in the body, so it is important that we make an extra effort to aid our body in its removal.

Ginger is also anti-inflammatory, meaning that it helps to fight inflammation throughout the body.  Inflammation (think when you get a paper cut and it gets inflamed) is a normal part of the healing process, BUT, prolonged inflammation can be a big problem.  A paper cut is inflamed for a few days, and then heals.  But what happens when the toxic build-up in our digestive tract never gets cleaned out?  The inflammation continues, which can lead to A LOT of other issues, such as digestive upset, bloating, lowered immunity, constipation, weight gain, skin irritations, restless sleep, and more serious conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and cancer.  Inflammation is at the root of almost all of the illnesses and diseases we are faced with today.  Scary, right?  The good news is that we can take action to prevent it – ginger tea being one of those ways.

So, to the tea.

You can purchase fresh ginger root at any health food store (and I would hope any grocery store).  To make fresh ginger tea, simply use a fine cheese grater or microplane, and grate about a 1 inch piece of root.


Then, using your fingers, squeeze the juice from grated pulp into your mug (If you prefer not to use your fingers, you can slice the ginger root into thin slices and boil in water for 5-10 minutes in a covered pot).


After all of the fresh juice is squeezed out, add hot water.  You can also add fresh lemon juice for added cleansing benefits, or raw honey for a little sweetness.


Drinking this hot tea not only helps to warm your body during these chilly fall mornings, but the heat actually aids in the detoxing process.

I think you’re going to fall in love with ginger, just like I have.

with love and herbs,


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