Glass Etching and Green Smoothie Workshop

If you’re in the NYC area and want something fun to do Wednesday night, you should join Kristin and I as we combine our passions in a healthy and artistic workshop!

glasses and greeen smoothieTo start, Kristin will be sharing with the group an introduction to glass etching techniques.  She will then assist as everyone etches their own 4 glasses using Martha Stewart Crafts etching tools and materials.  And yes, you will be able to take your awesome new set of unique glasses home with you!

After everyone is done etching their glassware, I will be sharing one of my favorite ways to fill glasses – with green smoothies!  I will do a green smoothie demo and share some of my favorite tips for making green smoothies that are healthy and tasty.  We will then discuss the many benefits of green smoothies and some great ways to more easily incorporate them into your life.

It’s the perfect combination of art and health.

Kristin is a long time friend (we went to nursery school together) and a bad ass artist and crafter.  She has a long list of past work and experience, so make sure to check out her website – – to find out more about her and the awesome work that she does.

For more details and to sign up for this workshop, click here.


with love and awesome friends, 



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