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Juicing for a Day

If you have read Kris Carr’s book “Crazy, Sexy, Diet” than you know where my inspiration behind this post is coming from.  If you haven’t, I really suggest that you read it.  Its one of those books that will change the way you view food and your body, and it will motivate you into healthier eating and living while keeping things realistic.  Perfection!

Ah.  I really can’t say enough good things about this book.

In “CSD”, Kris Carr suggests a 21-day cleanse to kick off your new, healthy lifestyle.  My cousin Andrea and I decided that we would start it at the same time so we could have one another there for support and conversation.  Only being a week in, I have experienced some ups and downs, but I am very happy with it and also extremely grateful that I have someone to experience it with (thanks Ang!).

With that said, Kris suggests doing a day of juicing during this cleanse.  That is one entire day spent drinking green juice, purified water and herbal teas.  Never having done any sort of juice cleanse before (I know, right?) I was a little nervous, but also felt that the time was just right.  So Sunday night I took a trip to my local health food store and got enough veggies to last me through a day of juicing.  Does anyone smell commitment?  Yes!

So you may be asking yourself, why the heck do you need to do a day of juicing when you are already doing a cleanse!?  Let me explain.  The 21 day cleanse is more of a shift in diet, removing all animal products, gluten, coffee, alcohol, and other crap that we sometimes stuff our faces with.  It is a great way to give your body a break from a highly acidic, or even a slightly acidic, diet.

Enter the juice.  When you spend a day ingesting nourishment in a liquid form, it gives your body a breather from breaking down foods and a chance to focus on other maintenance your body needs, such as healing and detoxification.  During a juice fast, our bodies release the toxins that are stored in our organs, which over time could cause us some serious and scary damage.

Yesterday, I was prepared to go through some tough times, mostly because I know how cranky I can get when I need to eat.  Maybe it was this prep-thinking that helped me through it, or the fact that I kept myself busy, but it wasn’t really all that bad.  During the times when I wanted to give in and just eat a big ass salad or a pieces of toast with avocado, I thought about my insides, and all of the toxins that I was releasing.  I made myself some herbal tea or drank some more juice, and let the emotions pass.  Thinking back, this choice not only helped my body but it also helped my confidence; knowing that I was making the right decision felt really, really good.

In the book, there is a schedule laid out for you including suggested times to drink your liquid meals along with descriptions of different things you may experience (emotional rollercoasters, bathroom trips, hunger pangs and cleansing side effects).  Personally, I just rode with the day and went with what I was feeling.  I ended up drinking between 50-60 ounces of liquid nutrition, split up throughout the day, as well as tons of water and herbal tea.  Besides my many, many bathroom trips (liquid goes right through me) and my short lasting cravings for solid food, it was a pretty successful day, a day I might try and re-live every Monday… Yup, I said it!  Stay tuned…

Don’t want to juice for an entire day?  Totally cool!  Enjoy a big glass of liquid greens for breakfast, maybe even some more for lunch, and then end your day with a smoothie, a raw soup, or something else that is light.  Your body will still benefit from your time spent juicing, and finishing the day with something light will still give it a chance to super-detox overnight.

Green Sunshine Juice

Here are the 2 juices that got me through the day…

Green Sunshine

4-5 leaves kale

4-5 leaves romaine lettuce

4 celery sticks

1 cucumber

1 green pear (or green apple)

1 lemon

Handful of parsley

1 inch piece of ginger (optional)

Warming Beet and Carrot Juice

1 large beet

Warming Beet and Carrot Juice

2 large carrots

4 leaves romaine lettuce

1 inch piece of ginger

4 sticks celery

1 lemon

1 orange

Have any questions?  Message me, or comment below…

with love and juicing,


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