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Cleaning with Vinegar

When I realized just how effective vinegar was for cleaning, it changed my life.  The constant battle between wanting to use natural, non-toxic products versus the desire for a clean home was instantly solved.

White vinegar is cheap, effective and safe…  Can you beat that combo?  I didn’t think so.

White vinegar; helping bathtubs to sparkle and floors to shine!

Now, when I tell you that I use vinegar to clean pretty much everything in my house, I literally mean EVERYTHING…  I use an old spray bottle from one of my “all natural” expensive cleaners, I fill it up with half vinegar, half water, and I get to work.

I spray down the tub and shower doors, letting the vinegar soak in and do its thing.  After about 30 minutes, I use a scrub sponge and remove all of the soap scum with little effort.  Amazing!  I also use it on the mirror, the countertops, the sink, and the toilet.  After I vacuum the dog hair up from the floor, I use this spray along with a mop to make the floor sparkle.

I use the same spray in the kitchen, on the counter, the stove, the sink and the floor.  Sometimes I will add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to the mix for a nice, clean smell.  I also use this spray to clean windows, table tops, walls and doors…

Using full strength white vinegar is perfect for deodorizing smells, whether it be a stinky garbage can, a pets accident on the rug, or a funky smelling drain. Using vinegar will balance out these odors and make you think they were never there in the first place.

Vinegar has a strong smell, so be ready to get some super crazy whiffs when you begin using this as your cleaning go to.  You might be nervous that the smell will never go away, but I promise, in just a few minutes, that strong smell will be a memory of the past…

Vinegar is fairly new in my life, and I have a feeling that I have only just begun to discover all of its uses.  When I look up its cleaning purposes online, I am overwhelmed with all of its capabilities, and a little entertained by the ways in which people use it.  So try it out for yourself, and if you discover a fun way that vinegar rocks your world, let us know!

with love and toxic-free cleaning,


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